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It’s Spring!–May 2017

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The recent sunshine has been wonderful and Blackhawk on the River is teeming with wildlife! I have included a couple of pictures in the Newsletter. Follow our Face Book page to see newly posted photos and read about other happenings around the neighborhood as the month progresses.


Spring Is Here!

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Spring has had a slow start this year but we have enjoyed the sunny, warm days between spring rain and snow.  Be sure to come by the Lodge to say “hello” when you can!

Meet the Fehlers

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Thank You All – 2016 Was An Amazing Year!

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Blackhawk on the River – 2016

It’s been a great year.  Thank you all for the memories and fun!

Happy New Year!  – From Your Friends at Blackhawk on the River

See More Photos Here 

Luxury Vacation Home For Sale – Great Investment

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Bend Townhome

Here is your opportunity to purchase a fully furnished luxury, riverfront cabin in McCall. This ideal vacation home currently rents for $400/night, and is located in the amazing private community of Blackhawk on the River. Cabin owners and their guests will have access to the resort pool, spa, gym, stocked fishing ponds, private river access for fishing and floating, and the amazing trail systems that lead through a wildlife preserve. This is perfect getaway home that could pay for itself while you are away.

Sharing the Beauty of Blackhawk for Great Causes.

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Jayden Deluca Foundation


Blackhawk on the River real estate team was honored to attend the Jayden Deluca Foundation Gala which supports children with heart conditions at St. Lukes Children’s Hospital. The Blackhawk community donated a free vacation to the Live Auction. The winning bids went WAY over retail value so it was great to be a part of raising money for this great charity organization.


FS Brokers Team



The Blackhawk on the River real estate team also had the honor of attending the very first Boise Gala for the American Warrior Initiative.  Not only did we get to hear from our local veterans of the Boise area but we were able to raise money for our veterans by donating a weekend stay at Blackhawk On The River.   It was the most popular silent auction item and was able to raise a substantial amount for the American Warrior Initiative.

American Warrior Initiative

Winter Fun for the Best Value Around

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McCall = Fun and Value


**Check out how McCall stacks up to the competition


Ski Resort Pricing
Lift Ticket/Day Lodging/Night
Vail, CO – Vail $165 $1200 + taxes
Lake Tahoe, CA – Squaw Alpine $139 $1099 + taxes
Sun Valley, ID – Bald Mountain $125 $500 + taxes
Park City, UT – Park City $107 $800 + taxes
Portland, OR – Mt. Hood $79 $450 + taxes
Leavenworth, WA – Stevens Pass $69 $450 + taxes
McCall, ID – Brundage $62 $300 + taxes


Did you know that National Geographic named McCall as the Best Secret Ski Town in North America?  See Here

Interesting Image
Come stay with us at Blackhawk on the River – Walk through our wildlife reserve and then come to our lodge to soak in the hot tub. Enjoy the peace and quiet, and easy access to Brundage and Tamarack.
P.S. We have some great real estate opportunities at Blackhawk that are Not Listed on the open market, plus some special financing opportunities. Just call or have your agent call our real estate team at: 1-208-972-7168.

Enjoy The Fresh Powder

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Come enjoy the winter months in McCall and experience everything Blackhawk on the River has to offer.

Blackhawk on the River

Did you know that National Geographic named McCall as the Best Secret Ski Town in North America?  See Here

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Rediscover what we already know about McCall. It’s an awesome place to play, relax and enjoy your time with family and friends.
Blackhawk on the River

How To Own A Vacation Home In McCall For FREE!

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Mike Turner
Nothing is free, of course, but I want to show you how easy it could be for you to pay for a vacation home in McCall by renting it out just 10 days a month. Then have it for yourself the remaining 20 days of the month!


Here are the steps to take — and the math to show you it’s possible:


First, decide if McCall is where you want to be. National Geographic just named McCall the #1 Best Secret Ski Town in North America. Record snow levels this year at Brundage Mountain are off the hook. Plus, McCall isn’t just a winter adventure getaway — it’s summers on Payette Lake and year-round views of our iconic Idaho landscape. (Sure, Ketchum is awesome too, but so few can afford their prices, and they don’t have that gorgeous lake.) If you make regular trips to McCall but find yourself renting or staying with friends, it may be time to consider another option.


McCall - Brundage

Next, identify what is available in the McCall area. There are quite a few options; it comes down to what is important to you. I can’t answer for you, so here’s what’s important to me:  A) A secure and safe location (there’s not much to worry about in McCall, but if there was a gated or private area where I could build something, that would be my preference); B) Obviously, I would want a good deal on the land and an affordable builder so I could get good quality without getting raked over the coals;  C) I would want a quiet place where I could literally walk out the door and find a walking or biking trail, because I drove all the way up there and I want the great outdoors at my doorstep. Personally, I don’t feel the need to be “in town.” I can’t afford to be on the lake, so I’d rather find a quiet spot that is a short drive to anywhere I want to go in McCall.


Once you identify your ideal place in McCall, see if it’s something you can afford or want to spend you money on. I said at the beginning there was a way to have a free vacation home in McCall. What I mean by that is I can show you how to get the home to pay for itself — which is like having a free place. I worked up a real example so you could see how this works:



My favorite place in McCall is Blackhawk on the River. It’s about 5-10 minutes outside of town, but right smack on the Payette River, and it has a wildlife preserve right through the middle of it. Owners even have access to privately owned trails and hunting areas. The lot prices in Blackhawk on the River are still very reasonable, and since we’ve helped other buyers interested in building a vacation home/vacation rental, I can share numbers to show you what you can do.  (Keep in mind we spoke to six builders before narrowing it down to two that were priced right and well-respected among builders in McCall this subdivision pulls higher rents then then many others in McCall.) The attached spreadsheet is for a four-bedroom cabin that is very nice, not over-the-top tricked out, but something you would walk into and say, “Wow, this is nice.”



blackhawk spreadsheet

 Click on Image to Download


Look through the spreadsheet for more specifics, but here’s a quick breakdown for a brand new four-bedroom home in a private gated community in McCall that sells for $380k. Put 20% down and finance the rest. Based on rent numbers currently being obtained inside the community, you would only need to rent the home 8-10 days a month to break even on cash flow, yet still be making 5% cap rate on your investment. Not to mention you would have your own place to go play and party for 20 days a month in McCall. Sounds pretty good to me. Of course, you don’t have to rent your home — you could allow your friends and family to stay there so long as they pay the cleaning fee and chip in for utilities, etc.


Having a vacation rental is not as complicated as you might think. Some owners in Blackhawk use sites like VRBO and rent out the place 15+ days a month. In the example, I budgeted for a property manager to take care of everything: booking, dealing with customers, managing the cleaning service, etc. You just tell them when you plan to be there and they will try to rent it out the remaining days.


There are a couple of agents in my brokerage who run the sales for Blackhawk on the River, so if you ever want a guided tour of the community just give me a shout and I’ll hook you up. If you have questions about the spreadsheet, just reply back to the email.


Cheers to fun in McCall — hopefully I’ll see you up there!