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Schedule a Private Tour

Please contact us to schedule a private tour of this beautiful, one of a kind, conservation-oriented community.

Blackhawk on the River

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What’s HOT in McCall This Fall!

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Blackhawk onthe River
By Front Street Brokers

Many people ignore McCall during the fall season, electing instead to focus their attention on summer and winter activities.  But of course, if you’re a hunter you are more than likely already spending a lot of time near McCall this fall in hopes of filling your freezer.

However, many part time residents and visitors often miss the magical period of fall in McCall. It is stunningly gorgeous, peaceful, and the initial crisp days of fall feel like the prefect time to be out enjoying the lush forest atmosphere.

For those “in the know” fall season in McCall is the perfect time to go have a local hot spring adventure. There are many hot springs in the McCall area. Some that you can drive right up to, others require a bit of hiking.

You might already be a fan of relaxing in natural hot spring pools.  Odds are, whether you are a fan or not, you likely have some fun stories to tell about experiences you’ve had enjoying Idaho’s hot springs.  So why not go create some new memories and have a hot spring adventure this fall?  Here are few options to consider:


Burgdorf Hot Springs

Burgdorf Hot springs

30 Miles North of McCall.  Very rustic.  Open year round but only accessible via snowmobile from November to May. Their are cabins you can to stay in: basic, no bedding, so bring all your camping supplies.  $35 per night per person. No power or cell service. They say the pool is very healing and magical. Don’t forget to bring a camera! There are photo opportunities everywhere and a trip to the old gold mining town of Warren is a must.  This place serviced the miners back in the 1860’s.  There are soft drinks and a limited menu like hamburgers available. Sounds like a fun adventure to me.

Gold Fork Hot Springs


Located down a long scenic gravel/dirt road just south of Donnelly off Hwy 55 and well worth it! There is a male and female changing area in the Yurt where the main office is that sells snacks, t-shirts, caps, etc. The staff there are very friendly, informative because they’ve been in the area for a long time. The pools are great. The first one is the hottest at 107 degrees and large..then there are 3 more that are built on levels below the first main one. They get a little cooler as they get further from the main pool. The favorite pool is the one with water gushing out that gives a great back massage.  Some of he pools have a sand floor and there is room for everyone. This is also a spectacular area for spotting your favorite wildlife. Only crowded during the peak season. Gets very crowded and sometimes rowdy during the weekends of the summer months at height of tourist season. Surrounded by nature.. makes a great day trip.  Price is 8 dollars for adults, 6 for kids. Don’t forget towels because rentals are 3 dollars a piece.


Zim’s Hotsprings

Easiest to get to as it’s right off HWY 95 just North of New Meadows city limits. Most commercial-like facility. Zims is open year-round (except Mondays).  Natural hot springs surface 90 to 95 degrees, depending on the weather. One of the pools is Olympic size and kept at a cool 93 degrees and the other soaking pool is a muscle-relaxing 104 degrees. The pool deck has a nice rubber mat so people do not have to walk on cold cement in the winter months when they get in or out of the hot pools. Cost for Seniors (60+) $6,  $7 for others. A basket for clothes storage is provided at check-in. Zim’s has a nice rustic open “lodge style” entrance to the pool area, with a wood stove fireplace and a few snacks for sale.


Trail Creek Hot Springs 
Trail Creek

Trail Creek is on public lands and therefore free to to use.  It’s a well-known and used hot springs northeast of Cascade Idaho. The pools are a short, but steep hike from the highway pullout. There is a couple pools that are regulated by cold and hot water intakes.

There is literally dozens more hot springs in this area of Idaho.  You can find many resources online.  But you can only learn so much on a computer, go out and have your own hot spring adventure this fall.

Have You Been To Blackhawk on the River in McCall?

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“Just recently stayed there – it was awesome!” – Mike Turner
Don’t we all deserve a little break from the rat race?  Life is full of distractions, deadlines and responsibilities. I’m not complaining.  I love the life that I live.  But it can be exhausting sometimes.  Which is why I recently made the 2 hour drive from Boise to Blackhawk on the River for some quiet R&R time with the family.

If you haven’t heard of Blackhawk on the River, it is a gated community a few miles outside of the downtown McCall along the Payette River.  There are many things about this community that make it special.  My favorite part?  How quiet it is.  I like McCall, but when we get away for a weekend, sometimes I really want to just decompress in a quiet outdoor setting.
Blackhawk really delivers on this front. It is located right on the Payette river, and there is a 360 acre wildlife preserve with a trail system that goes right through it, so seeing wildlife and getting away from it all is just so simple there.
Blackhawk on the River
There is also a very cool lodge in the community that is available to owners and guests, that includes a nice gym with sauna and steam room.  Outside there is a pool and hot tub.  So while the kids play I can relax in the steam room or work out some stress on the TRX machine.
Blackhawk on the River
We took the kids fishing in the community ponds and then we went down to the river and had a bone fire while the kids fished some more and played in the sand.  We felt like we had our own private Idaho.  It was like remote camping but will all the luxury amenities we could ask for.
Blackhawk on the River
If you want to check out Blackhawk on the River for yourself they have 3 vacation rentals.  All of them are a good size and can house a large family.  Like most of McCall, lodging is not cheap. There townhouses run about $400 a night.  They do have a November special where if you stay 2 nights you get the 3rd night free.  There is also some really good mid-week specials as well. To get the special rate just contact them directly at 208-630-4825 or email:
Blackhawk on the River
Of course because I am always evaluating real estate were ever I go I decided to speak to the development community directly about real estate options in the community.  From my research you could build a VERY nice 3 bedroom cabin/home in community and still be in the $300’s.  I recon that you I could rent out the cabin as a vacation rental for $250-300 night.
Which means I would only need to rent it 7-10 days a months for it to break even.  If I rent it out 15-20 days I would make pretty really good cashflow on the property.  That would still leave me 10+ days a month for me, my family, and my friends. Not a bad arrangement.  Plus as an owner, you can rent out the community townhomes for your extra guests at 50% off the normal rate.
I was so impressed by the community and the opportunities there that I had my real estate firm negotiate to assist with the real estate sales for the community.  So now we have the inside scoop on the place.  Just call us if you want more details on the place or want a tour of it.  Our dedicated phone number for Blackhawk is 208-972-7168 or email us at
If you haven’t heard of Blackhawk on the River, it is a gated community a few miles outside of the downtown McCall along the Payette River.  There are many things about this community that make it special.  My favorite part?  How quiet it is.  I like McCall, but when we get away for a weekend, sometimes I really want to just decompress in a quiet outdoor setting.
Blackhawk really delivers on this front. It is located right on the Payette river, and there is a 360 acre wildlife preserve with a trail system that goes right through it, so seeing wildlife and getting away from it all is just so simple there.

MCPAWS’ Auction for the Animals is Coming to McCall!

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Blackhawk on the River is proud to be  the venue for this year’s Auction for the Animals.  Auction for the Animals is a fund raiser for MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter.

Join MCPAWS and friends on July 24, 2014 at Blackhawk on the River, 11 Shooting Star Ln. in McCall, for the every-other-year Auction for the Animals.  The silent auction and cocktail reception begin at 5:30pm, followed by dinner and a live auction. There are over 40 silent auction items and 13 live auction items this year! Auction items include a 6-day back country rafting trip with air transport for two with Canyon’s Rafting Company, a diamond and gold paw necklace from Nancy Hoyt and McCall Jewelry, a new Weber Grill donated by May Hardware, several original art pieces,  a queen sized log bed, and much more!


A hand-carved Mallard Hen is the raffle item. This Mallard Hen decoy was hand-carved and painted by local artist Dave Alexander. It is valued at $1,500! You can purchase your $5 raffle ticket at MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter, MCPAWS Thrift Store and McCall Pet Outfitters.  The winner will be announced at the Auction for the Animals on July 24, 2014. You do not need to be present to win.

AFTA ARTtransforweb

Tickets to the Auction for the Animals are now on sale. Tickets are $75 each and currently for sale at MCPAWS and MCPAWS Thrift Store. All proceeds from this event will benefit the cats and dogs at MCPAWS. For more information, or to purchase tickets over the phone, please call (208) 634-3647.

5 Virtues of a Hospitable Local

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 It is the peak of a new season in McCall.   Tourist season is upon us; in fact it would be safe to say we are in full swing of this crazy time of year!  I have already found myself frustrated at the grocery store, only able to make left hand turns, and doing everything I can to stay home.  The only person that was affected by my bad attitude was me.  So on Monday morning I vowed to make it a great week, to enjoy our beautiful town, and lose my “locals only” attitude.  When you love something as much as I love living in the mountains, you want to share it.  We are so lucky to live in this place.  As the saying goes, “I live where you vacation.”  And in that spirit of being fortunate enough to live where most come to vacation, I think that it is our responsibility to make our guests feel welcome.  Because for every one jerk, there are a 100 wonderful people having a good time and being responsible guests.  So, I was thinking…. what 5 virtues would help me be more hospitable to our tourists?

Patience – Wait without complaint.  Be able to go through your day being tolerant of mistakes, ignorance, and difficulties.  Know that a trip to the grocery store this weekend is going to test your patience.

Friendliness – The old wives tale, “you can catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar can be applied. We need to smile and greet our neighbors and tourists with a kind word.  A good friend shares their time, their selves, and their belongings with others.  We have the opportunity to share our hometown with others.  A friendly person makes others feel welcome.

Sense of Humor-   The Fourth of July in McCall can be very stressful. A good sense of humor about this life challenge can be a very effective coping mechanism.  Laughter and having a sense of humor about life’s craziness can provide a way to bond with others,  to be able to look at things in a different light,  and  helps to normalize your experience.  It can keep our Fourth of July weekend from feeling too overwhelming.

Courteous – Polite, respectful or considerate behavior that is mindful of other people. Our vacationers will probably have left their manners at home.  And despite this, we will be much happier if we don’t let their poor behavior ruin our holidays.  We may live here and feel encroached upon during this week of revelry, but we should keep our good manners intact.

Helpfulness – Being able to provide useful assistance to others.  This might be the most important virtue of a hospitable local.  Being able to give directions to the lost, making sure the family doesn’t head down the wrong trail, or just holding a door for a stranger.  These small acts can change a person’s day from bad to good.  And there is a wonderful side effect to helping others, it makes us feel good.  It brings us a warm feeling inside when we reach out to those in need.

If we can live the rest of the year being good neighbors and citizens to one another, then I think we can manage a month or two of summer craziness and our town being full to capacity.  We can meet this challenge with a quick wit, a friendly smile, and laid back attitude.


Happy Fourth of July Everyone! Stay safe, stay sane, and keep it chill!

Feeling Good!

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We would like to thank those who attended our June Wellness Retreat on Saturday June 14.  We had a great time learning about nutrition, wellness, and working out with Body Basics Inc. trainers Miki and Corey.

The Wellness Retreat was a perfect start to the summer.  Learning about nutrition, fitness, and overall well being was rejuvenating for the body and soul.  Participants enjoyed a lovely brunch catered by Delish Catering of McCall.

2014-06-14 10.52.49

2014-06-14 10.54.05


2014-06-14 10.53.19


2014-06-14 11.35.56


2014-06-14 11.36.14

City Happenings June 2014

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As the weather gets warmer, the residents of McCall start to get out and about more and more.  With the longer days of summer, our town gets very busy with activities for the whole family and with many town improvement projects.  Be in the know by checking out our city’s website.

Improvements to our roads have begun.  Many of you may have noticed that the painting crews have been out sprucing up the roadway lines.  This isn’t the only improvements going on in the city.  The work that was started on Park Street this past fall is in the process of being finished.  The work includes new road surface, new fire hydrants, improved fire protection, paved driveway aprons, storm water drainage improvements, paving of the roadway, and installation of bike/pedestrian lanes and moving utilities underground on the north side of the street. The City of McCall received $100,000 for this project from the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council through their Local Rural Highway Investment Program.

Have you seen this graphic on the roads around McCall City?

This is called the “Sharrows”  symbol.  sharowLast month the City of McCall installed these new pavement markings on a few streets that  are too narrow for separate bike lanes.  Sharrows are not separate bike lanes. A motorist can drive over the sharrows. But if a bicyclist is nearby, drivers can use the sharrow to judge spacing so driver and bicyclists can share the lane safely.

The purpose of sharrows:

  • To let motorists know they can expect bicyclists on the road.
  • Sharrows provide visual cues to drivers and bicyclists which reinforce the existing rules of the road and help both parties align themselves within a shared travel lane.
  • To position the bicyclist in the lane in order to encourage safe passing by motorists.
  • To help bicyclists position themselves in the travel lane (i.e. “take the lane”) since it is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel side-by-side in the lane.

The fire department has the big dumpster set up for free dumping of woody debris.  They put it up each year so people can dump woody debris rather than burn it.  No dumping household trash. You can find these dumpsters at the McCall City Fire House and the Donnelly Fire Station.  The dumpsters will be there through the whole month of June.

The city’s park and recreation department is taking registration for numerous activities for kids.  You can register on line or at city hall.  All information can be found in the city’s Recreation Summer Guide.  Your kids can learn to play tennis, swim, skate board, mountain bike, play tee-ball,  or soccer.  We only have a few months of warm weather get your kiddos and yourselves out there and play.

Make sure to mark your calendars for these upcoming June events

Farmers’ Market every Wednesday and Friday 10am -2pm

June 14  – Blackhawk on the River June Wellness Retreat 9:00 am

June 21 – Ponderosa Run

June Wellness Retreat

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We invite you out to Blackhawk on the River’s River Lodge to join us for a day dedicated to personal health and wellness. 

Body Basics from Boise will be up to lead us through a day of yoga, fitness, and nutrition.  The philosophy of Body Basics is to “coach the client not the program.”  According to their mission, they “use client biofeedback and interaction to bring out the real goal, which is always bigger than the immediate goal. The real goal is to find and create balance in the Triangle of Awareness (Scott Abel) – mental, emotional, and physical awareness, resilience, and balance.  Only then do the achievements enhance someone’s life experience.” – Body Basics Inc.

We hope that our Wellness Retreat will enhance your life and give you the tools to create a healthy life style.  The retreat will start in the morning with an introduction and stretch, this will be followed by a 45 minute workout, BMI testing, we will then provide you with a healthy lunch and nutrition class.  The day will wind up with a Q&A session.

The cost is $100.00 and is only open to 14 individuals.  This small group will make for a more intimate, and personal experience.  We look forward to see you all out at the river.

June Wellness Retreat at River Lodge  images

June 14, 2014 9:00 am – 2:00pm


To RSVP your spot please contact Ciara Houston at (208) 315-3526


Farmers’ Market

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Farmers’ Market opening day is Wednesday June 11 at 10:00 am.

McCall, Idaho has a small farmers’ market each Wednesday and Saturday 10am – 2pm from June – October or until the snow starts to fall. The McCall open-air market benefits local non-profit groups. The market includes fresh local produce, flowers, locally produced meats, poultry, and homemade baked goods.  I love our little market.  Just remember to get there early, bring your own bag or basket to carry your goods home, know what produce is in season & try something new each week.



Top Ten Farmer’s Market Favorites – in no particular order.

  1. Tamales – Pico de Galo – Green Salsa
  2. Homemade Pesto
  3. Fresh Berries – Huckleberries, Boysenberries, and blackberries.
  4. Homemade jams
  5. Sourdough baget
  6. Fresh Veggies – tomatoes, green beans, salad greens, & corn.
  7. Ham & Cheese Croissants
  8. Fresh  Cut Flowers
  9. Lemon Cookies
  10. And of Course Stacey Cakes

Memorial Day Weekend

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For some Memorial weekend marks the end of a long winter and the start of the summer season.  The weekend is usually celebrated with family as we all remember those who have given their lives for our country.  It’s the first holiday weekend of the warmer months and it is a time for picnics, campouts, pool parties and to make family memories.

Out at Blackhawk our guests and homeowners can enjoy many outdoor activities this weekend.  Fishing on the pond, hiking the River Trail, roasting marsh mellows at the fire pit or swimming in the pool.

The pool is opening this weekend at River Lodge just in time for the holiday weekend.  It has been cleaned and it looks very inviting.

We hope that you come out and enjoy all that Blackhawk has to offer.

Happy Memorial Day!